ALLELES Présenté dans La Presse


Les stylistes s’intéressent au handicap Amputé de la jambe droite fin 2014 après un cancer des os, Jerris Madison, photographe de mode habitué aux looks glamour et aux semaines de la mode, essayait de s’habituer à porter «une broche de titane» toute sa vie. Jusqu’à ce que les designers de la petite société canadienne Alleles, […]

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Mama Cax Interview in xoNECOLE


It already seems difficult for professional, ambitious black women to find love, but you haven’t truly known difficult until you add being disabled to the equation. When it comes to some of the everyday freedoms and liberties some of us able-bodied people take for granted, disabled people can have a much more difficult time. On […]

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РУБАХА Первый инклюзивный арт-кластер в России


Канадские художники McCalley Wanner и Ryan Palibroda 4 года назад основали студию Alleles, которая создаёт вручную расписанные чехлы для протезов. Работы студии стали частью выставки “Access design” (Доступный дизайн) Представитель бренда, блогер и мотивационный спикер Mama Cax активно использует социальные медиа для того, чтобы говорить о позитивном восприятии тела и, самое главное, разрушить стереотипы о […]

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Publications and News

Today is a big day. Alleles Design Studio co-founders McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda, along with disability advocate and lifestyle blogger Cacsmy Brutus (also known as Mama Cax), are heading to the White House for the first-ever Design For All Showcase—a celebration of inclusive design, assistive technology, and prosthetics. Brutus, a Haitian-American whose right leg was amputated […]

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Bust magazine | What Does It Mean to Be Inclusive?


When disabled models hit the runway at the FTL Moda’s fall/winter 2015 show, popular media outlets and fashion magazines, including Buzzfeed (“These Models With Disabilities Featured In An Inspiring New York Fashion Week Show”) and Cosmopolitan (“9 Inspiring Photos of Models With Disabilities Working the Runway at NYFW” ) showered designers with misplaced compliments for their seemingly inspirational work. […]

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Medium’s ‘The Goods’ Feature


Hellooooo! This week, we’re excited to be giving y’all a nice double dose of good lookin’ stuff. Let’s see how great design can change someone’s life. Get your good on. Yes you can Especially when rocking these unique and beautifully-designed leg covers. Thanks to ALLELES (pronounced “ALL Ls”) — an innovative ?? design company from Victoria (British Columbia) […]

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[su_youtube_advanced url=”″ width=”800″ height=”620″ controls=”no” showinfo=”no” autoplay=”yes” loop=”yes” rel=”no” fs=”no” modestbranding=”yes” theme=”light”] [/su_youtube_advanced]

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YAM Magazine | Founders Feature


McCauley Wanner wants to make something clear: fashion and style can be used to solve problems — and make the world a better place. “Some people think it’s frivolous and shallow,” she says. “But really, style can define you as person. It’s how you project yourself to the world, and that’s the entire mission behind […]

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Gutes Design ist ehrlich. Dieser Leitsatz lässt sich in der Gestaltung universell anwenden. Statt Ungewöhnliches, Auffälliges, Abweichendes zu tarnen, wird es herausgestellt und zum identitätsstiftenden Merkmal. So zeigen sich auch die neuen Prothesen, modisch und hyperfunktional, als in der Gegenwart gelandete Zukunftsvisionen. Und vor allem: bezahlbar. Die 29-jährige Musikerin Viktoria Modesta arbeitet als Model, trägt […]

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Interview with The Active Amputee


Celebrating Amputations And De-Stigmatising Disability Recently, Bjorn Eser of the Active Amputee ran a feature on ALLELES as part of a series exploring the emerging wave of prosthetic covers. I recently published a short overview over various companies producing prosthetic covers (you find the full article here), pointing out how the recent developments in 3D printing […]

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ALLELES Featured on Truth Theory


After losing a limb, it can be difficult to don a prosthetic out of fear of what others might say. Fortunately, the Canadian company Alleles has an entire line of stylish covers to boost users’ self-confidence and completely revamp the prosthetic market. As Distractify points out, most artificial limbs have a robotic feel and clunky appearance. The idea is […]

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Featured by Distractify


Prosthetic limbs are usually designed more for function than style, which makes sense, obviously—but it can be a bummer for people who also, you know, wanna look fresh. That’s where the Canadian company Alleles comes in. “[When] we started the Alleles studio, we were trying to solve a style problem,” said the company’s founders, McCauley Wanner and […]

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ALLELES Design Studio featured on


手術では治せなかった 美しい『義足』が女性の心を癒した 「障がいを持つ人が少しでも快適な生活が送れるように」と、世界中で日々開発され続けている『義足』。 「なるべく自然なものを」「肌になじむように」 そんなスタンスとは真逆の発想を持つ、カナダのデザイン事務所『ALLELES Design Studio』発信の『義足カバー』が注目を浴びています。 アクセサリーとしての『楽しみ』に さまざまなデザインを世に生み出す彼らは「足を隠すのではなく、一人ひとりの個性とみなしてほしい」といいます。 彼らが手がけた、アートのような作品をご覧ください。 可愛い!まるでおとぎの国に出てきそうなデザインです。 運動する人向けのスポーティーなデザインも。多様性を極めたデザインは多くの人の心をつかみ、Instagramでは2万7千人を超えるフォロワーを獲得しています。 そんな中で『ALLELES』の作品を見て、「救われた」と話す1人の女性がいました。 「これでもう一度、ドレスを」 手術後、体は回復したものの、心はふさぎがちだったというビアンカイリスさん。 『ALLELES』の義足カバーと出会い、ファッションを楽しんでいたころの気持ちがよみがえったといいます。 “こんなにオシャレで美しい足ならば、私は再び大好きなドレスに身を包むことができるかもしれない。 初めてカバーをつけた日の感動は、言葉では表せられない類のものだったわ。 受け入れられなかった現実を、認めた瞬間ともいえる。隠す代わりに、着飾ることにしたの。 新しく生まれ変わった気分よ。ファッションを愛し、人を愛し、色とりどりの私を見せていきたい。私が得たのは『もの』ではなく『自信』だわ。” alleles ーより引用(和訳) オシャレな義足カバーを身につけたことで、気持ちが華やぎ、自信を取り戻したと語る女性。 デザイナーの思いがつまった作品は、足だけでなく『心』をもカバーしてくれたのかもしれません。 [文・構成/grape編集部]   original link:

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ALLELES Featured on Gizmodo Japan


芸術的な義足カバーのブランド「ALLELES Design Studio」 欲しくなる義足カバー。あなたならどの一着を選ぶ? 「ALLELES Design studio」は、デザインを通してハンディキャップにアプローチするカナダのスタジオです。 「私たちは義肢装具士ではなくアーティストだ」と宣言する彼らが制作、販売しているのは60種類以上の芸術的な義足カバー。購入ページではペイントカラーを自由に選び、自分にぴったりの一着を見つけることができます。私が個人的に気に入ったモデルは、木々が描かれたAlpineと、スカーフなどでもお馴染みのPaisley柄です。 美しいラインナップを見ているだけでも楽しい、まさに義足カバーのファッションブランドと呼べるALLELES Design studioのギャラリーをご覧ください。 義肢をより身近で選択肢のある存在にしようとするプロジェクトでは、同じ「身体機能を補助する」役割を持つ眼鏡がよく比較対象となります。眼鏡のように身近で自由に選択できる存在を目指し、洗練された機能美や、身体機能を拡張するデザインでファッション性を高めるさまざまな試みも実際に行なわれています。 それらのSF感あふれるクールな義肢開発の一方で、ALLELES Design studioが実践してきたのは美しい装飾品としてのアプローチです。レリーフを施された懐中時計やカフスボタン、精巧なペンダントやお気に入りのスカーフのように目を引きながらも、あくまでさりげないオシャレアイテムとなっています。 また、季節に合わせて春夏と秋冬に新作を発表するという姿勢もとても面白いところ。眼鏡や時計と同じように義肢メーカーが「ブランド」と呼ばれる日が来た時には、ALLELES Design studioは老舗ブランドとなっているかもしれませんね。 そして最後の写真のモデルは、リオデジャネイロパラリンピック競泳400m自由形S10の銀メダリスト、オーストラリアのモニーク・マーフィー選手。彼女もALLELESの義足カバーを日々使い分けて楽しんでいるようです。 original link:

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ALLELES Design Studio featured on Chasseur De Cool


La révolution est en marche. Venue tout droit du canada, Alleles est une entreprise qui propose aux amputés des prothèses de jambes sur mesure pour leur faciliter la vie. En plus d’être design et modernes, vous pouvez les personnaliser avec tout un tas de motifs colorés et graphiques et rendre ainsi votre look encore plus stylé. Renseignez […]

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TABI LABO Japan Feature


アクセサリー感覚で楽しめる義足カバーを「The ALLELES Design Studio」が生み出しました。義足であることを隠すように、肌に近い自然な色味や素材を追求したものではなく、ファッションの一部として楽しめるデザインが特徴です。洋服を選ぶように毎日コーディネートできるほど種類が揃う、これが義足カバー。脚をはめて装着するソケットの下、チューブと呼ばれる支柱(ひざ下)にセットするアイテムです。豊富なバリエーションは、建築、インテリア、戦闘機、カフェレーサーと、あらゆるものからインスピレーションを得ているんだそう。こうして新たなデザインを日々模索する彼らは言います。   「世に出回っている人工装具に、ほとんど『魂』を感じることができなかったんです。無機質なものこそファッショナブルにすることで、新しい風を吹き込みたい」 色や柄を限定するのではなく、一人ひとりの個性に目を向けたとき、義足を必要とする人たちの内なる声が共感したのかもしれません。ユーザーに選ぶ楽しみを与える、それがALLELESの義足カバーです。豊富な選択肢があることで、それぞれが望む充実したライフスタイルを築くことができているんだそう。気分やその人の個性に合わせて選べる、そんなポジティブな発想は見た目だけではなく、心も満たしてくれる温かさに溢れています。 link to original article:

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ALLELES featured on a plus


Nearly two million people in the United States have experienced amputations or were born with limb difference, according to the Amputee Coalition. Many of these people choose to replace their removed limb with a prosthetic and, while technological advances have made prosthetics more flexible, durable, and natural in the past few years, there’s still a […]

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Boom 99.7 Blog Feature


This company rocks. A Canadian company in British Columbia is creating fashion-forward prosthetics. Alleles make decorative covers for prosthetic legs in bold colours and designs that could almost pass for sleeve tattoos. The company got a huge boost when Instagram posted pics of the prosthetics to their own home feed. One woman (who was featured in a recent Metro […]

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ALLELES Featured in Top Santé


Une start up transforme les prothèses en accessoires de mode PAR NOÉMIE FONSINO LE 12 JUIN 2017 À 13H00 MIS À JOUR 12 JUIN 2017 À 13H00 Le studio canadien Alleles Design, fondé par McCauley Wanner et Ryan Palibroda, propose des prothèses créatives, pensées comme des œuvres d’arts. Elles s’inspirent de la mode et des tendances actuelles pour […]

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Metro News Feature


By: Genna Buck Metro Published on Mon Jun 12 2017 McCauley Wanner, 31 and Ryan Palibroda, 36, believe their business – which has seen explosive growth over the last year and a half – proves the concept of “design for disability” is an idea whose time has come. Their Victoria, B.C.-based company, Alleles, makes decorative plastic covers for prosthetic legs […]

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Demilked Feature


Canadian company Alleles Design is revolutionising the world of leg prosthetics, changing the lives of those who need them – one fashionable leg cover at a time. The company’s founders McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda noticed that in the world where fashion and image are so important, most leg covers made today are still about […]

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Alleles: Moda para prótesis de extremidades | Poblanerias


McCauley Wanner y Ryan Palibroda están revolucionando el mundo de la moda, en su empresa -Alleles- se diseñan prótesis de extremidades, unas muy distintas a las que se ofrecen habitualmente en el mercado. Wanner desarrolló la idea para su tesis, una oportunidad para mostrar a las personas lo importante que es la moda en la vida de todos. “Siempre he […]

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CTV Coverage of ALLELES/Instragram Instameet


A Victoria business and advocacy organization have teamed up for a fashion initiative they hope will highlight the challenges that people with prosthetic limbs experience in their daily lives. Ampuseek and Alleles Design Studio held a worldwide InstaMeet through Instagram on Sunday to celebrate diversity in fashion. Members transformed donated leggings into stylish wear for […]

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Alleles featured on accessible media inc


[su_video url=”″ title=”Alleles featured on Accesible Media Inc.” width=”1060″ height=”500″]   Always excited to chat about the importance of Inclusive Fashion and Design!

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ALLELES interview with electric runway.


Electric Runway is a future fashion event series and a global platform for covering and discovering fashion tech. Through a series of curated runway shows, speaker series, in-depth podcasts, and short video docs, we invite audiences to come along as we unravel the next chapter in our humanity. In this episode, fashion tech journalist Amanda […]

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#MyPhantomPain blog post from mamma cax


After an amputation, your nerves continue to send signals to the brain. Most amputees will tell you even after amputation, they can move their fingers or wiggle their toes even though they don’t have these body parts. For this reason, many amputees suffer from phantom pain. “Phantom limb pain refers to mild to extreme pain […]

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Gearing Up For The Holidays


[su_carousel source=”media: 4809,4828,4827,4826,4808,4807,4806″ width=”1600″ height=”700″] The Ugly Christmas Cover 2016 was a big year for us and it’s hard to believe it’s already the second week of November. For the holiday season this year we thought it would be fun to put something together a little more ‘seasonal’. Fueled with an equal mix of eggnog and […]

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ALLELES Featured in VICE.


On September 15, the White House hosted Design for All, its first-ever fashion show celebrating inclusive design, assistive technology, and prosthetics. The event was attended by innovators in the differently abled fashion space, including the Alleles prosthetic cover design studio, Tommy Hilfiger with an “adaptive” collection for kids, Nike designer Tobie Hatfield whose Flyease technology makes […]

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Alleles cover featured courtesy of Mama Cax in Refinery 29


How To Make Sure Your 9-To-5 Outfit Also Works As A 5-To-9 Text: Connie Wang, Refinery 29. Is this a familiar picture? Littered with shoes, spare dresses, random jewelry, and maybe even a bra, the space underneath your desk is a daily reminder that your 9-to-5 outfit doesn’t work as well from 5-to-9. No matter […]

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ALLELES invited to White House


September 15th, the White House held it’s first ever runway show to celebrate Inclusive Fashion, Assistive Technology and Prosthetics.  Our ambassador, Caxmee modeled one of her covers on the runway along side some of the other industry leaders in inclusive design. There was a panel discussion about business, innovation, and the importance of design for […]

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YAHOO Style: Choose your Favorite Cover


Our goal has always been to break into mainstream pop culture in order to continue breaking down stereotypes.  Thank-you so much YahooStyle for the feature!!  Click here for the full article or read below! These prosthetic leg covers are all kinds of amazing Hilary Hagerman : August 10, 2016 As many people missing a limb will tell […]

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CTV National: Interview with Avis Favaro


So cool to be interviewed by Avis Favaro for National. Watch the interview below and take a look into our studio.  We were so lucky that one of our first clients, Sam Paulos, was interviewed for the piece as well! “People would often come up before and say, ‘Oh I am really sorry, how did you […]

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Nadine Richards | Louder Than Labels Campaign


Nadine has a sparkle that can light up any room and an energy that pulls people in.  We have been working with Nadine for the past couple of years and her quirky, artistic, and adventurous sense of style makes collaborating so much fun.  We are so happy we were able to work with her for […]

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Daniel Monzon | Louder Than Labels Campaign


Dan was the second person to be involved with what is now the ALLELES Design studio back in 2010. He is larger than life. His professional, compassionate, and joie de vivre attitude has had an enormous impact on the approach of our studio.  We are so grateful we had the chance to include him in […]

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Kyle Riva | Louder Than Labels Campaign


Kyle Riva is a true force of love and optimism.  We had the privilege of working with him for our #LouderThanLabels campaign where learned so many amazing things about him.  Not only is Kyle on a competitive rowing team, we found out he only starting cycling about a year ago… Starting to take athletics seriously […]

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Michelle Salt | Louder Than Labels Campaign


See the wonderful world of Michelle Salt through our eyes.  She is talented beyond words and adventurous to the point of total unpredictability.  Snowboarder, motocross, rowing, cycling, public speaking, business woman, mentor, and farm kid are only a few words that can be used to describe Michelle.  Take a look at her #LouderThanLabels Commercial here: [su_youtube […]

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Mercedes-Benz Mag | Canadian Culture


Cool to be featured as 1 of the 12 companies in Mercedes-Benz Magazine representing Canadian Culture for Spring/Summer 2016! Read the full article by clicking the link below to see all of the amazing talents featured in the piece!  So proud to be Canadian!  Thank-you for including us Mercedes-Benz Canada! Headline: The List: Spring 2016: From […]

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Holland Bloorview | BLOOM Magazine


BLOOM Magazine is a resource that was put together by the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Foundation in order to provide insight to parents of children with different abilities.  This is one of our favorite interviews yet as it is a very accurate and thorough overview of the beginnings of our studio.  Read the full article […]

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ALLELES Interviewed on Refinery29


Read the entire interview of the ALLELES founders on Refinery29 below. What Happens When You Treat Prosthetics As Accessories Words by: Landon Peoples Since their invention (which dates back to 950 B.C.E.), prosthetics have served one purpose: function. But unlike other functional aids, like glasses, that have become fashion accessories, too, prosthetics have mostly been […]

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SIXTH Collection of ALLELES Covers Released


We are excited to release our sixth collection for you guys!  So hard to believe how quickly time is passing and how we now have over 40 different styles of prosthetic covers for you to choose from.  This is our largest collection yet and features 12 new designs! Our new collection is titled ‘Wonderland” Spring/Summer […]

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Prosthetic Body Feature


Alleles, a Canadian-based design studio, creates a variety of beautiful and fashionable prosthetic leg covers for amputees. The company transforms traditional prosthetics from an unattractive medical device into a stylish accessory uniquely suited to individual customers. Here you can order online any of ready-to-wear prosthetic covers or a team of The Alleles Design Studio will make a unique one special […]

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ALLELES Featured on HealthTech Insider


Just because a device has to be utilitarian and functional does not mean that it has to be ugly or look like every other device of the same type. If you consider clothes to be wearable technology, then you get an immediate sense of how important personal statements and design can be. Why should people […]

February 29, 2016 Read more

Arm Cover for NYFW | Rebekah Marine


Fashion diversity is starting to make its way into the fashion scene, slowly but surely.  We were honored to get to do this arm piece for Rebekah Marine for NYFW this year.  Check out this great article on STYLE.MIC Magazine to get the low-down on the different models that are breaking down barriers and removing […]

February 22, 2016 Read more

Arm Cover for Rebekah Marine | People Magazine


We had the privilege of doing an arm cover and hand piece for the Bionic Model, Rebekah Marine for New York Fashion Week.  She showed the world how big of an impact fashion and inclusion can have on future generations when she graced the runway with her ‘mini-me’, Gianna Schiavone who is missing her left […]

February 20, 2016 Read more

Duggal Visual Solutions Blog Feature


Art is limitless. From music therapy for the elderly to the many studies revealing visual art’s positive effects on the human brain, there truly are no boundaries to the impact that creativity can have on our daily lives. Here’s the latest example: Alleles is pioneering the art of prosthetic fashion. The Canadian design studio sells stylish, ready-to-wear […]

January 10, 2016 Read more

Clothes for your Prosthesis & the Importance of Self-Expression


What we have learned after making prosthetic covers for the past few years is that people don’t want to hide their prosthesis per se….but they do want their prosthesis to go with their style and work with their wardrobe. People’s friends and families know them best and there is nothing more uplifting when you can […]

January 7, 2016 Read more

CTV Style File


We were interviewed by Lisa Perry and featured on the STYLE FILE for the Vancouver Island CTV News.  Our main girl Emery Vanderburgh explains her experience as an amputeen and how wearing her prosthetic covers has changed the way she sees herself as well as how others see her as well. Take a watch to […]

December 12, 2015 Read more

Fall Winter 2016 Collection Released


Holy cow!  Where does the time go? Can hardly believe that we have just released our FIFTH collection of prosthetic covers. This collection marks our two year anniversary since launching our very first collection back in October of 2013.  We have come a long ways since then and feel like we are just starting to […]

November 5, 2015 Read more

Bustle Magazine | Fashion Feature


Thank-you BUSTLE magazine for the feature discussing the importance of style and self-love.  Click here to read the full article or read it below: ALLELES Sells Stylish Prosthetic Leg Covers to Help Amputees Stop Hide Written by MARLEN KOMARO, October 18, 2015 FASHION & BEAUTY If you ask me, fashion has the power to change […]

November 2, 2015 Read more

the CHIVE | Prosthetic Limbs


Our number one mission for our company has always been to break into the mainstream. Being featured in the CHIVE was a huge step in the right direction for us.  We had no idea we were featured until a few of our friends from across the USA and Canada told us about it.  We also didn’t […]

October 28, 2015 Read more

ALLELES | Huffington Post


Check out this feature in Huffington Post US! Amazing Prosthetic Leg Covers Are Both Fashionable and Functional by: Jamie Feldman This. Is. Awesome. As advances in technology have made prosthetic limbs both more accessible and more appealing to people who wear them, a Canadian company is taking things even further with a line of stylish and downright […]

October 25, 2015 Read more

MASHABLE Lifestyle Feature


It was such a dream to be featured in Mashable.  This blog makes up our entire newsfeed and it is always so crazy seeing yourself featured on something you look to for inspiration, news, fun, etc. Click on the link below to view the entire article written by Hayley Wilbur. Proud amputees celebrate their prosthetics […]

October 22, 2015 Read more

FIFTH Collection of Prosthetic Covers Released


Holy cow!  Where does the time go? Can hardly believe that we have just released our FIFTH collection of prosthetic covers. This collection marks our two year anniversary since launching our very first collection back in October of 2013.  We have come a long ways since then and feel like we are just starting to […]

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POPSUGAR Video Feature


It was so cool when we woke up to a video that PopSugar had put together of our studio. The reason this was so groundbreaking for us is that our mission has always been to try to remove the stigma surrounding disability by entering the mainstream. We have purposefully been focused on design and fashion […]

October 6, 2015 Read more

Mic Magazine | Style Feature


Style.Mic did an overview of the Prosthetic Cosmetic Industry featuring our studio.  We were humbled by the positive response on how the article about merging fashion and prosthetics was received.  It is imperative to our studio that we continuously come out with new designs and styles that allow people to have an attainable shopping experience…one that they […]

September 28, 2015 Read more

Douglas Magazine | Leadership Issue


Our studio was profiled in the Aug/Sept 2015 issue of Douglas Magazine, a local magazine for Vancouver island covering business, technology, and leadership.  It’s pretty cool to be included in the ‘Leadership Issue’ along side some incredible, innovative local talent.  This has also lead to us being part of a 4 person panel called ‘Entrepreneur […]

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Featured in FRANKIE Magazine | Issue 65


Being featured in the cool Australian Style Magazine, FRANKIE was pretty surreal for us.  As a design studio that has had a major focus in medical design for the past couple years, being recognized by the fashion and design world always validates the mission of our studio.  We have always tried to stay relevant in fashion […]

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SNFU 30th Anniversary Tour| Dave Bacon


When Dave Bacon contacted us about making him a cover for the SNFU 30th Anniversary of “…And No One Else Wanted to Play” I actually died. SNFU is probably my favorite band on earth and I am so excited that they are touring again (Canada and Australia). Now that we are located on the West coast […]

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Shenzhen MakerFaire 2015 | with MakeFashion


After going with MakeFashion to the San Mateo Maker Faire, we would have never expected that only 3 weeks later we would be going with them to show on their runway at the Maker Faire Shenzhen! It was a crazy tight timeline, but getting a chance to show our version of wearable tech on an […]

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Podcast with: I AM ADAPTIVE


We did a fun podcast with Scott Belzer from I AM ADAPTIVE a couple weeks ago and discussed the importance of the Adaptive Movement.  We these guys and think the movement they have trailblazed is really the first time we have seen such a positive shift in perceptions surrounding ‘disabilities’.  They are creating a unified community […]

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San Mateo MakerFaire 2015 | with MakeFashion


We were asked to go with the MakeFashion team to showcase our version of wearable tech on their runway. It was a crazy experience as we did FOUR runway shows in 2 days! The 10th anniversary of the MakerFaire fell this year on May 15-17th and we were honored to be part of such a […]

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Embracing Our Differences | Exhibition Finalist


The Embracing our Differences exhibition is held every year and this year our photo was one of the 39 selected photos out 6454 submissions representing 80 countries, 42 states and 118 schools! This is the 12th year of the annual exhibition and the theme was, ‘enriching lives through diversity’.  All the selected photos were made into 16’x12.5′ billboards […]

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Make Fashion 2015 Gala


On March 28, 2015 we were lucky enough to have TWO of our ALLELES women walk the runway at the Make Fashion 2015 Gala in Calgary, held at Telus Spark. This was an incredible event put on to showcase the work of designers, tech ninjas, engineers, and artists to show their creations in the form of […]

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4th Collection Released!


Our Spring/Summer 2014 collection is called MYRIAD.  We are excited to share our new range of designs with you and feel like this is our most streamlined collection yet! Now that we have 4 collections under our belts, the progression of our studio seems very blinding to us.  We have come a long way in […]

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Matthew FloHawke on the christianMICHAEL runway


Our product first appeared on a runway in March 2014, so we were beyond thrilled that we were invited to have one of our covers appear on a runway again one year later!  We’ are definitely going to make this a goal of ours to show in at least one fashion week a year in […]

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Wes Webb flies again!


RUSH foot held a photo competition for 3 of their ‘Rush Rebels’ to win their very own ALLELES prosthetic cover.  Well, one of the photos that was selected was this epic photo of Wes Webb. Once Wes found out he was one of the winners of a pair of ALLELES covers, he contacted us because […]

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Paralympian Luscombe | art and sport


Paralympian Braydon Luscombe merges art and high-performance sport Skier transforms doodles and drawings into prosthetic fashion statement   By Kelsey Verboom Waiting in the start gate, Braydon Luscombe takes a deep breath. The Canadian Para-Alpine Ski Team athlete adjusts his goggles andstares forward, thinking of the line he wants to take down the course. The […]

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the Guardian | Tech Section


Excited to be featured in the Guardian Tech section this morning.  Showing people that prostheses can exude style is what we are all about! Stunning Accessories for Prosthetic Limbs Lower-leg amputees can choose from ready-to-wear or custom-made covers in McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda’s fashion range Written by: Nicola Davis When Canadian innovator McCauley Wanner […]

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12 Projects That Will Change the World 2015


We were featured in TakePart magazine and were labelled one of the 12 Projects That will Change the World in 2015!  That was a pretty crazy article to wake up to this article.  Hopefully we can live up to the title and continue to inspire and break down barriers of disability throughout 2015!

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Prosthetic Fashion to Improve Self Esteem


Cool to be featured in this incredible Fashion Design Magazine from Madrid, S-Moda. This article does a great job outlining the different companies and people in the prosthetic aesthetic space and how our company has really focused on bringing affordable fashion to the amputee community!  Thanks so much for the write up S Moda! If […]

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Catalogodiseno Design Magazine


It is such an honor for us to be featured in the cool Chilean design magazine, Catalogodiseno. The power of reaching different parts of the world with design is really amazing to us and we are finding more and more that people are craving a bit more heart and soul in medical design.  We hope […]

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JUXTAPOZ Magazine Feature


Can’t believe we were featured in the super rad JUXTAPOZ art magazine! The full article and gallery of photos can be found on their site HERE. ‘The Alleles’ design studio was founded in an effort to create affordable and accessible prosthetic covers for lower limb amputees. This product was designed with the intention of fitting […]

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DEZEEN |prosthetic fashion statement


We were published in our favorite design blog!  This is pretty much a dream come true for us as this is a blog we have been following religiously for the past 5 years! Read the full Article below or click here: Alleles Design Studio turns prosthetic limbs into a fashion statement Canada’s Alleles Design Studio […]

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International Day for Persons with Disabilities | Runway Show


The International Day for Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) committee in Calgary, AB has put on events for the past 2 years to celebrate the contributions of individuals with disabilities in society. This year they wanted to have the event in the form of a fashion show and they asked us to showcase some of our […]

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The Girl with the Purple Cane | 2014 Holiday Gift Guide


Liz Jackson is one of the biggest advocates of destigmatizing disabilities.  She is an activist for inclusive design and a her blog, The Girl With the Purple Cane is something everyone who has a disability (visible or not), or designs for disabilities should follow. We were so touched that she included us in the first ever […]

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Importance of Fashion and Styling


“Hey friends! This is McCauley here…designer and co-founder of the Alleles. I just wanted to share a bit of my soul with you all about how strongly I feel about the importance of fashion and the impact it has on people’s self image….It may be obvious, but I am obsessed with fashion! This company came […]

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Michelle Salt returns to the stage


Michelle Salt is such an inspiration to us and to so many people around the world. Obviously we were so stoked that we got to make her a cool ultra-girly cover to match her rhinestone encrusted bikini 🙂 Here is the story of the outcome told by Michelle herself: “On May 8th, 2011 I did […]

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Leather Straps and Metal Buckles


The mission of our studio has always been to create the most versatile and user friendly product to accommodate the most possible prosthetic set-up variations.  We are constantly trying to refine our product and simplify our shopping experience. We are happy to show you our newest strapping mechanism.  Take a 1.5 minute watch to see […]

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Globe and Mail | Front page of Life & Arts


How art and design transform artificial limbs into outlets for self-expression by: Matthew Hauge It was pretty freakin’ cool when we woke up to find our feature in the Globe and Mail on Thursday, October 30th, 2014.  We thought we were going to be a brief mention in an article discussing the new shift of […]

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3rd collection of covers released


We are beyond excited to be launching our THIRD collection of prosthetic covers!  This new Fall/Winter 2015 Collection titled ‘Trifeka’. Our Collection is called ‘Trifeka’. We are really excited for everyone to see some new styles in the covers and how our designs have evolved introducing some more graphic styles while maintaining the digital patterning that is […]

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CAPO Conference Halifax | Speakers


When we were asked to be Guest Speakers on 2 out of 3 days at the CAPO (Canadian Association of Prosthetics and Orthotics) Conference in Halifax we were beyond honored.  We were flown to Halifax to exhibit at the bi-annual Canadian P & O conference to share our product to the industry for the first […]

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Studio C & Prospect Calgary Exhibition


We were asked to show our work at Studio C in Calgary for the month of July.  Studio C is a really cool non-profit organization that uses various means of the arts to break down barriers, educate and inspire creating a more accessible Alberta workforce. We were fortunate enough to be their FIRST exhibition in […]

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Niche Magazine | Inspiration Issue


We were featured in the 2014 Inspiration Issue of NICHE Magazine!  Our article can be found on pages 80-82 of the online digital magazine. Or read the full article below. ARTS & FINDS | Making Dreams a Reality Where Functional Inspiration Meets Fashion Written by: Jill Lang | arts Columnist   Meet design duo Ryan […]

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New Clipping Mechanism now Available!


Hey guys!  Over the past couple of months we have been working hard to simplify our clipping mechanism to make it even more user friendly.  Although our previous clips seemed to work just fine for some people, it wasn’t ideal for others.  We feel our new system is a pretty significant advancement from our previous […]

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Featured in Fashionista Magazine


Feeling like we are on cloud number 9 being featured in this incredible Fashion blog!  It is extremely important to us that our work is starting to be recognized in the space of fashion and extending beyond a medical product.  Thank you so much for featuring us FASHIONISTA!  Read the full article below. This Small […]

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Product Review | Amputee OT


Christina Stephens, maybe better known as the ‘Amputee OT’, or the one who created the ‘LEGO Leg’ is a public figure in the Amputee community.  She has her own YouTube channel where she offers advice, knowledge, and information on prosthetics, occupational therapy, medical equipment as well as product reviews. Below you can see the product […]

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The Alleles on the Runway


Just when we thought this year couldn’t get any better we were asked to be part of World MasterCard Fashion week in Toronto!   The talented fashion designer, Sunny Fong of the Canadian VAWK label invited us to show one of our pieces on his runway! Sunny Fong was one of the judges who selected […]

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Toronto Star | Amputee on Runway


We had a full page spread in the Toronto Star today!!  This article does a great job capturing our role in the collaboration we did with Amy Palmiero-Winters and VAWK at this years World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto . So cool working along side such talented and hardworking people like Amy and Sunny Fong! Ready the article […]

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Keynote Speakers @CAPO Aug. 2014


We are excited to announce that we will keynote speakers this August at the ‘2014 CAPO (Canadian Association for Prosthetics and Orthotics) Biennial Conference’ in Halifax. We will be giving two presentations: 1. August 8th | 9:00-9:30am:  We will be discussing the role fashion and design play in the prosthetic industry. 2. August 9th | […]

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2nd Collection Released!!!


The past few months we were working away designing our SECOND collection of prosthetic covers!  It’s hard to believe we only released our first collection the end of October 2013 and have been receiving such a great response!  We are happy to release the ‘Digital Rococo Spring/Summer 2014’ line of covers available for purchase on […]

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Emerging Fashion Designer Award


On January 29, 2014 we were officially selected as the ‘Emerging Fashion Designers of Canada’ by the Toronto Design Exchange jury.  We were flown to Toronto for the Awards ceremony on February 20th where our work will be on display from February 21 to April 1, 2014!! This is HUGE for us as this is […]

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Assistive Tech in the Workplace Forum


On Thursday, December 12th 2013, Viable Calgary is hosting an employer event that will highlight various assistive technology, devices and resources that can be used in the workplace. “Viable Calgary is a workforce initiative focused on assisting employers to increase the engagement of persons with disabilities within the workforce through establishing productive relationships between employers, service […]

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Emerging Designer Award Finalist


We are honored to be shortlisted as one of the thirteen finalists for Canada’s Emerging Designer Award supported by the RBC Foundation! The winner of Canada’s Emerging Designer award will be announced January 2014 and will be selected by a final jury consisting of the ever fabulous: Marcel Wanders: co-founder of Moooi Design   | […]

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CJSW 90.0 FM Morning Radio Show


We were asked to do radio interview with CJSW (Calgary’s Independent Radio 90.9) and be part of the conversation surrounding the morning theme of ‘Invention‘.  We had the pleasure of speaking with radio hosts, ‘the Charmers Almanac‘.

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Our FIRST Collection Released


We are excited to announce the launch of our very first Prosthetic Covers Collection titled, ‘Digital Rococo‘!!! We define ‘Digital Rococo‘ as the space where digital design and fabrication meet the intricacy and embellishment of the Rococo. Because of this, the different patterns and designs become an integral part of  material, changing the weight, flexibility, durability, […]

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CBC news | Prosthetic ‘wearable art’…


‘Prosthetic ‘wearable art’ line designed by Canadian pair’.  Check out our recent article in the CBC news.  We were so touched by all the positive feedback and have been working nonstop to get these covers out into the world! See the article HERE   -the Alleles

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Telus SPARK |Beyond Human Exhibit


[dvbuilder-gallery id=”438″] We had a great time being part of the ‘Beyond Human’ exhibition at Telus Spark Calgary.  We were part of a great group of exhibitors ranging from Prosthetists, Facial Prostheses, Tattoo Artists, and robotics.  We lectured on the importance of fashion in the prosthetic industry and gave people an idea of basis for […]

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Telus Spark Science Center Exhibition


We were so honored to be asked to exhibit our work at ” Telus Spark | The New Telus Science Center”, in Calgary this upcoming weekend.  We will be part of the ‘Beyond Human’ event and giving a lecture about our work on both June 29th-30th, so come and check us out! See details about the […]

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Yay! We have a new website!


We recently moved back west after living and working in Montreal for 2 years to start our own design and fabrication studio, so we are really excited to be launching this site so you can see us from the very beginnings of this new adventure.  We will be posting updates of our work in progress […]

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