Have you noticed the 90’s comeback?  If not, it’s time to pull out your tiny pointed sunglasses and pearly plastic coats, oversized jumpsuits and grungy jeans.

The ColorPOP 90’s craze is making fashion more real.  Most mags are ditching impossibly grand editorials for what seems like a candid snap taken with a disposable camera at a party. 

If you don’t believe me, check out the most recent “September Issue” of Vogue.  Many of the main designer campaigns show models twisting into awkward poses squinting their eyes to the flash. Even Beyonce, who graced the cover, opted for  a sun-drenched minimal make- up aesthetic.

This trend also means leaving models be.  No more photoshopping the random passerby, or stubborn bra strap. Now it’s cool to let parts of the set creep into the image and have candid expressions show on the model.  Though new trends will inevitably crop up; this dreamy little 90’s phase has encouraged the fashion world to embrace truthful representation and the quirkiness of their models. Hopefully, realness will stay in style.

Check out a couple of our 90’s flash photos showing off the MODENA design: