Check out the September Issue of Teen Vogue featuring our muse, Mama Cax featured among two other incredible trailblazers, Jillian Mercado and Chelsea Werner. Thank you queens SO much for working tirelessly to make the fashion world more inclusive. By making this your calling in life; you’re not only giving courage to people who relate but to people who have never been represented before.

THIS, Helps change perceptions for those who may have never been exposed to others living with disability. THIS, helps diminish the stigma surrounding difference and encourages diversity within mainstream media.

Thank you for becoming public figures and volunteering to have these conversations. Maybe others living with disabilities won’t have to fight as hard because of the work you’re doing. Maybe more brands and designers will see that there is a whole other world of design that is just waiting for some energy to ignite it. And perhaps, the world will truly become more accessible and inclusive. 🙂

We’ve included a link to the incredible Teen Vogue Feature below: