Below-Knee Cover


The ALLELES Below Knee prosthetic cover is made with a “Dip” top shape, suitable for a Below-Knee or Transtibial amputation.

All of our instruction & measuring diagrams can be found below. If you have any hesitations or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to us prior to placing your order.

Weight 1 lbs
What material are the covers made out of?

The covers are made out of FDA grade ABS plastic. After much material exploration, ABS has proven to have great properties- it’s durable, lightweight, flexible, easy to clean, and easily modifiable.

How durable are the covers?

The durability of the covers completely corresponds to the patterning of the various designs. Covers with more perforations tend to be more delicate and detailed, but also very lightweight. Whereas designs with less perforations are more durable, but are a bit heavier. Keep in mind that selecting a cover is completely based on your personal expectations for both design style and durability.

How do the covers attach to my prosthesis?

The covers attach to the prosthesis with two polyurethane straps with metal hooks. The material is extremely durable and keeps the cover from rotating and sliding on the prosthesis. To see how the straps attach take a look at our strap diagram in our "fitting diagrams" tab!

Are these covers waterproof?

The covers themselves are waterproof – but they do not make your prosthesis waterproof. These covers have an opening in the back, and therefore are not able to keep water out of your prosthesis – but if you are wearing a prosthesis meant for water, you are welcome to wear your cover as well! If you are in salt water, make sure that you rinse your cover of any salt and pat dry after you get out of the water. Salt erodes a lot of different materials and if it is left to dry, it can fade the finish of your cover.

Can the covers be adjusted?

One of the best parts about these covers is they can be further adjusted once you receive them. Using heat, you can adjust your cover as needed to create a tighter fit around the socket. We do have more detailed instructions about how to heat and adjust our covers, but if you have never done so, or have any questions, we highly recommend that you reach out before making any major adjustments.