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Victorian | Arm

Compatible with the Fillauer NEXO™ system.  Currently available for Above Elbow only.



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Measure from the inside edge of the wrist unit to the outside edge of the elbow bracket.




If the diameter of your Elbow Bracket measures 3 inches, you have the Large/E400 bracket.


If the diameter of your Elbow Bracket measures 2.75 inches, you have the Medium/E200 bracket.

What material are the covers made out of?
The covers are made out of different types of ABS plastic. After much material exploration, ABS has proven to have some pretty great properties including being: durable, lightweight, flexible, cleanable, and easily modifiable. 
How much do the covers weigh?
Weight varies based on design and size with the average weight being 1/3 lb.
How durable are the covers?
The durability of the covers completely corresponds to the patterning of the various designs. Covers with more perforations tend to be more delicate, and detailed, but also very lightweight. Whereas designs with less perforations are more durable, but are a bit heavier. Keep in mind that selecting a cover is completely based on your personal expectations for both design style and durability.
What does the 'Relative Durability' icon mean?
The Relative Durability icon is a scale based on relative durability; All the covers are rated against each other. Therefore, a higher score directly correlates to a cover’s durability in relation to the rest of the product line.
What do the options in the 'Adjustments' mean?
    • Polycentric/4 Bar knee: a 4 bar knee is a particular kind of mechanical knee that requires us to lower the top strap in order for the knee to function properly.
    • Through Knee (TK): is an amputation type that may result in socket or knee that requires extra measurements.
    • Rotational Plasty: often referred to as Van Nes, is an amputation type most often seen at the pediatric level wherein, the foot and ankle are transplanted to act as a knee. We require a few extra measurements to accommodate.
    • Release Valve: depending on your design choice, we may adjust the design to allow for a hole to be drilled for easier access.
    • Revo Socket: a Revo socket is a product made by Click medical which utilizes a Boa system for tightening. Due to the extra hardware, we need to know ahead of time to accommodate
    • Symes: is a form of amputation that results in a long socket, as such we need to get various circumference measurements to make sure the cover will fit.
    • Osseointegration: we currently only offer Osseo covers for AK users.

In short, the ‘Adjustments’ tab is for us to know if you require any modifications. If you select one of these options, a member of our team will reach out for any extra measurements! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out before you place your order.

How do the covers attach to my prosthesis?
The covers are attach to the prosthesis with two polyurethane straps with metal hooks. The material is extremely durable and keeps the cover from rotating and sliding on the prosthesis. To see how the straps attach take a look at our fitting videos on the ‘Fit Page’
How long does it take to receive once I place my order?
We always try to ship your cover out within 7-10 business days of receiving your order. Shipping can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on the shipping method you choose and where you are located. (Keep in mind that we are located in Victoria BC, Canada, so any shipments in North America on the westcoast are much quicker than shipping to the east coast or abroad.)
Can I get a design with custom artwork made?
Yes! But at the moment we are working on a waitlist. You are welcome to reach out to to enquire about current wait times. Just keep in mind that custom designs cost a flatrate of $1500 and you must place the order for your custom cover before we will begin doing any artwork on your new piece.
What's the Warranty?
The ALLELES™ Design Studio Ltd. will offer a replacement for defective or broken covers up to 3 months from purchase date. Warranty does not include paint. All sales are final and The ALLELES™ Design Studio Ltd. will not issue credit or refund.

After 3 months, covers will be replaced on a prorated scale. The ALLELES™ Design Studio Ltd will, on occasion, honor claims outside of this warranty window for pre-determined issues. All warranty replacements must be the same design and the same colour as the original order.

The ALLELES™ Design Studio Ltd will include heat moulding instructions and technical contact information with every order. End users are encouraged to reach out prior to any major adjustments. If you have concerns or questions about measurements please reach out prior to placing your order.

Covers ordered with incorrect measurements or damaged during heatforming outside of intended use will be replaced at a prorated cost of 50% of the original design plus the cost of shipping.

The ALLELES™ Design Studio Ltd. reserves the right to withhold warranty claims at their discretion. All warranty refusals will include a written response outlining the reason.

All approved warranty claims will be processed and shipped within 14 days of approval. End user is responsible for the cost of shipping.

Please note: The SOLO Carbon will incur an extra fee of $100 to cover the cost of finishing.


% off ReplacementFree50%45%40%35%30%25%20%15%10%
Why are there different prices?
All our pricing adjusts based on the level of customization – adding extra colours or different coloured straps will increase the price.
How do the colours work?
All our covers are available in a variety of colour combinations. Most of our covers follow one simple theme. There’s the ‘Main Colour’ which is the front and inside colour – it’s the primary colour for the entire cover. And there’s the ‘Detail Colour’ which is the colour for all the detailing on the cover.

Outside of this, there are covers that will have a minor variation on this theme, for example, extra details or specific details being offered in additional colours.