Our Spring/Summer 2014 collection is called MYRIAD.  We are excited to share our new range of designs with you and feel like this is our most streamlined collection yet!

Now that we have 4 collections under our belts, the progression of our studio seems very blinding to us.  We have come a long way in the past 1.5 years and feel like we are finally starting to hit a stride with our studio, the design vision, and the overall strategy.

In this collection we really wanted to begin to look at the prosthetic covers as articles of clothing.  Many of the new styles take motifs that can be found in different women’s legwear and in men’s dress socks.  We want to continue to offer covers that fulfill a range of ease that mimic legwear and socks as well as offer styles that appear more ‘athletic’ and styles that can be more recognizably graphic.

We chose a color palette that resonated with us.  One of our design friends pointed out that our palette aligned with the Spring/Summer 2015 Pantone Color picks…which made us feel pretty ‘on-trend’.

Looking forward to seeing what ya’ll think of the new line!  Also looking forward to designing the next line and continuing to create more choice for amputees!