Alleles, a Canadian-based design studio, creates a variety of beautiful and fashionable prosthetic leg covers for amputees. The company transforms traditional prosthetics from an unattractive medical device into a stylish accessory uniquely suited to individual customers. Here you can order online any of ready-to-wear prosthetic covers or a team of The Alleles Design Studio will make a unique one special for you. Alleles prosthetic leg covers cost between $245 and $528 per item.

The future of prosthetics design

The top profile of prosthetic cover has a dip shape to accommodate the geometry of abalone socket. The covers are made of one piece and are slightly flexible, which allows you to hold open the cover. To put it on top of your prosthesis the cover has two polyurethane strap with metal hooks that allows you to pull and torque the cover into place as well as make it easy to remove if you choose. Because of the materiality the straps are extremely durable enough to keep your cover in place and are versatile enough to accommodate any prosthesis geometry. You can tuck the tales of the straps into cover or trim the excess. But it’s all strapped up, pull it into place and you are good to go.


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