After losing a limb, it can be difficult to don a prosthetic out of fear of what others might say. Fortunately, the Canadian company Alleles has an entire line of stylish covers to boost users’ self-confidence and completely revamp the prosthetic market.

As Distractify points out, most artificial limbs have a robotic feel and clunky appearance. The idea is to not take away from one’s humanity, but to add to it with flair and patterns. That’s exactly what Allele’s covers do.

The company’s founders, McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda, wrote on their website: “[When] we started the Alleles studio, we were trying to solve a style problem. Not a limb one. In an industry saturated with robotic aesthetics and clunky contours, our prosthetic covers endeavour to transform something mechanical into something mechani-chic.”

The made-to-measure covers start at C$325, though custom designs can be made for C$1500. In some instances, the covers have been life-changing for customers.


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