September 15th, the White House held it’s first ever runway show to celebrate Inclusive Fashion, Assistive Technology and Prosthetics.  Our ambassador, Caxmee modeled one of her covers on the runway along side some of the other industry leaders in inclusive design.

There was a panel discussion about business, innovation, and the importance of design for disability.  Tinker Hatfield, head product designer of Nike, was there discussing the FLYEASE shoe line and how it came to be.

Kathy D. Woods  was also on the panel and is a clothing designer for little people. She had an amazing point-of-view from making it as a small business in a niche market.  We could definitely relate on many of her points.

It was very humbling to have been invited as the only Canadian company to represent Inclusive Fashion at the White House. This event marked the beginning of a movement and how there is a huge need for design options in the medical realm, but there are also a lot of business opportunities in this field as well.  Often times people are afraid to design for such niche markets, but as Tinker Hatfield stated, “the Flyease shoes do not cater to one group of people, in fact many people can benefit from the ease of putting on and taking off this shoe.  People age, people become temporarily disabled, and all people have complex needs” [paraphrased by us].

1 in 4 people in America are ‘disabled’. So it is time to start thinking bigger, this event really did put an importance on the small industry that is pioneering this movement.  We have a long ways to go, but it’s a damn good start!

Watch Caxmee’s segment below.

Congratulations to all the others who were also invited and who are also working hard day and night to #DesignForAll.  We have a very necessary job for creating a more inclusive America/ Canada 😉