On Thursday, December 12th 2013, Viable Calgary is hosting an employer event that will highlight various assistive technology, devices and resources that can be used in the workplace.

“Viable Calgary is a workforce initiative focused on assisting employers to increase the engagement of persons with disabilities within the workforce through establishing productive relationships between employers, service providers and placement agencies.  Viable Calgary’s services support and assist Calgary employers in diversifying their workplaces so they can find and retain the right person for the job in the face of the changing workforce. ”

We have been asked to showcase our prosthetic covers to employers of persons with disabilities as our product shifts the perception of something that is typically seen as a ‘taboo’ or something uncomfortable to talk about.  The conversation we would like to have in this particular setting, is to show that although people have different ‘challenges’, removing the typical stigma and providing confidence to people not only shifts how they perceive themselves, but how others do as well.