What we have learned after making prosthetic covers for the past few years is that people don’t want to hide their prosthesis per se….but they do want their prosthesis to go with their style and work with their wardrobe. People’s friends and families know them best and there is nothing more uplifting when you can genuinely see your friend rocking a prosthesis that ‘suits’ them…. rather than stigmatizes them.

We get pictures from our clients where their entire ‘look’ has clearly been thought out. Men will buy sneakers and hoodies and then get a cover that matches perfectly. Women have painted their sockets complimentary colors to offset the intricate lace patterns of the covers and buy lace dresses to match for events. It is an individual’s personal style that brings an entire seamless look together…. and for the first time, their prosthesis can considered as part of that.

What you wear is a reflection of who you are….what you are forced to wear shouldn’t be. When amputees receive their prosthesis, giving them the option to dress it up as they would the rest of their body changes their relationship with their prosthesis. It really does allow peoples’ style to define them, rather than their amputation, which is very empowering.