Art is limitless. From music therapy for the elderly to the many studies revealing visual art’s positive effects on the human brain, there truly are no boundaries to the impact that creativity can have on our daily lives. Here’s the latest example:

Alleles is pioneering the art of prosthetic fashion. The Canadian design studio sells stylish, ready-to-wear prosthetic leg covers ranging from bright and bold to chic and elegant. The brainchild of artist McCauley Wanner, who conceived the idea for her senior thesis at the University of Calgary in 2011, and Ryan Palibroda, Alleles is completely disrupting the traditional view on prosthetics.

“Everything on the market to date is trying to hide the fact that someone is missing a limb,” Wanner told Mashable. “It actually does the opposite of what one might expect. It automatically applies a stigma to a device, which is what we are trying to remove.”



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