Holy cow!  Where does the time go? Can hardly believe that we have just released our FIFTH collection of prosthetic covers.

This collection marks our two year anniversary since launching our very first collection back in October of 2013.  We have come a long ways since then and feel like we are just starting to come into our own.

Our new Fall/Winter 2016 collection is called Borderlands and has 10 new prosthetic cover designs for you all to choose from.  We know it has been said before, but we will say it again…our mission has and always will revolve around creating choice for people!

The name Borderlands is a symbol of our studio… always looking for a new frontier to explore and continuously reach for what the future has in store.  The collection is pretty moody and each piece was designed with a story… enchanted, adventurous, and focused.

This photo of the stunning Emery Vanderburgh captures the mood of this collection perfectly…. dreamy, mysterious, and fantastical 🙂

We feel like it is our tightest collection yet and we hope you love it and much as we loved designing it!

Peace & Love,

McCauley + Ryan