“Hey friends! This is McCauley here…designer and co-founder of the Alleles. I just wanted to share a bit of my soul with you all about how strongly I feel about the importance of fashion and the impact it has on people’s self image….It may be obvious, but I am obsessed with fashion!

This company came about because I was so peeved and sick and tired of hearing people talk negatively about fashion and how it is so ‘frivilous’, ‘meaningless’, ‘consumerist’, ‘impractical’, and blah blah blah… If you are one of those people, look around the room you are sitting in and look at what everyone is wearing…are you wearing the same thing? no? why?… my point is exactly that. Whether or not you think you don’t care about fashion, you wear clothes that you like for some reason. These ‘clothes’ then become an expression of who you are and how you see yourself as an individual. You hear people say things like, ‘I could never pull that off!’… if it is ‘just’ an article of clothing that is meaningless then who cares?? But it’s not, it is much much more than that.

Our entire point of existence is to give choice to people so they can express themselves…to show the world that despite of missing a limb, there is a still person who has more to talk about then ‘just what happened to them’….there is a person who has interests, who has flare, who likes music, who loves motorcycling, running, art, their family, etc. We hear stories from our clients all the time of how their cover has transformed the way they see themselves and how complete strangers interact with them differently now that they are wearing a funky cover. This is quite humbling for us little designers that a chunk of plastic that we made to fit on ones prosthesis has that much power and can shed a bit of positivity and remove stigma that is more often than not ‘hush hush’ and ‘pitiful’… no one wants to feel like that.

I attached this photo of myself and Nadine at the last photoshoot we did. It may be a bit ‘too much’ for people to wear this look out on the streets…but it does show the potential, the fun, the beauty and energy that can exist in a complete head-to-toe look! These dresses were designed by moi and Nadine’s covers were influenced by the floral of the fabric. Thinking about the socks, the stockings, the shoes, the hem length, and the color combinations really does take weeks to figure out and to bring together so when people get excited about the images we share our hearts flutter a bit. Makes us think we are doing something right!! Details matter, style matters, beauty matters and being timely matters.

Thanks for being such a force of life during this photoshoot Nadine xo


And thank-you everyone else for listening to my little fashion rant



Photo by: Alison Andersen