The International Day for Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) committee in Calgary, AB has put on events for the past 2 years to celebrate the contributions of individuals with disabilities in society. This year they wanted to have the event in the form of a fashion show and they asked us to showcase some of our work.  The event was held on December 3rd, 2014 and we got to show our work along side that of Izzy Camilleri, a fashion design out of Toronto who specializes on clothing for people who use a chair.  Her work is amazing and her Adaptive Clothing line can be seen here:

We had the ever fierce Nadine Richards and Daniel Monzon of Calgary modelling for us and rocking the runway.  They crushed the runway and unfortunately we couldn’t be there so we don’t have many pictures to show from the event of the both of them.  But by the sounds of it, the event was a huge success and the runway show had a hugely positive response….Nadine even got some cheering, clapping and standing ovation from the crowd 😉

To us this was a huge milestone in society, that people are finally being celebrated in such a dignified form.  It is important to show the world that people of all abilities exist in society and they are people just like everyone else who work, who contribute, who have families, and who give back to the community despite the assumptions the public may have.  We need to keep shattering these stigmas and make sure people are empowered to be themselves.