Kyle Riva is a true force of love and optimism.  We had the privilege of working with him for our #LouderThanLabels campaign where learned so many amazing things about him.  Not only is Kyle on a competitive rowing team, we found out he only starting cycling about a year ago… Starting to take athletics seriously in your early 40s is something anyone would be super proud of!  Kyle is also an artist, retired photographer, music junkie and motivational speaker. Can’t wait to share his story with you and get to know him more over the upcoming years…what a lovely soul! Take a look at his #LouderThanLabels Commercial here:

as well as watch his interview here:

We put this campaign together to show some of our Alleles Men and Alleles Women in their element to debunk the common perceptions of ‘disability’. People’s character, skills, interests, and talents speak louder than the labels placed on them by others. After a few years of working on The ALLELES Design Studio, we are extremely proud to introduce our first campaign, #LouderThanLabels. This campaign is a tribute to all of our amazing clients, friends, and family to show the world that people are complex and cannot be defined by one characteristic. Just because you do not understand something, does not mean you can make assumptions about the talents and capabilities of others… there is a big difference between being compassionate and being condescending. Be #LouderThanLabels.

Thank-you Kyle for being such a joy to work with and for sharing your story. The positive light you shed onto the people around you is something we are honored to get to share with the world. Thank-you for being such an incredible sport during the making of this campaign.

See the entire #LouderThanLabels Campaign on our YouTube Channel by clicking this link.

Director: Eric Chu (
Director of Photography: Vincent Varga (
Film & Sound Editing: Phil Chu (

Music – “Baby Mamma Blues” by Alex Ancient courtesy of Kinfolk