On March 28, 2015 we were lucky enough to have TWO of our ALLELES women walk the runway at the Make Fashion 2015 Gala in Calgary, held at Telus Spark.

This was an incredible event put on to showcase the work of designers, tech ninjas, engineers, and artists to show their creations in the form of wearable technology!  The event was littered in creative genius’ and LEDs and ended up be an incredible event showcasing the underground makermovement within Canada.

Our ladies Nadine Richards and Michelle Salt , killed it on the runway and became quite the showstoppers at the event.  It is so cool to have such amazing muses that are living proof of just how important technology, design, innovation, and fashion are and how wearable tech can make an enormous impact on emotional well-being!

Check out this YouTube video at 5:14 mins to see the girls strut it!

make fashion-michelle salt - alleles design




above 3 photos by: Rafal Wegiel