Our product first appeared on a runway in March 2014, so we were beyond thrilled that we were invited to have one of our covers appear on a runway again one year later!  We’ are definitely going to make this a goal of ours to show in at least one fashion week a year in hopes of breaking down barriers and removing stigma in the world of fashion!

This year one of our covers was modeled by the amazing adaptive ambassador, Matthew FloHawke Hawkins (@flohawke) at this year’s Kansas City Fashion Week 2015.

The ridiculously talented menswear design, Christian Michael Shuster created one of the sickest menswear collections we have ever seen….seriously.  Being able to show our work on his runway was an honour and we tried our best to make sure the cover fit within the clean, sharp, innovative style that he put down the runway.  One of our FAVORITE looks is shown below….contemporary, strong, masculine, avant garde, technical, and full of imagination.  Check out a collection review of ChristianMICHAEL’s work here.


We didn’t want Matt’s prosthetic leg to be a spectacle, but rather considered a piece of fashion that complimented the rest of the collection.  The cover was very understated from the front which may not have been obvious by the viewers at first.  We incorporated a transparent material in the back of the cover which allowed for LED’s to shine through making it seem more dramatic and obvious as Matt turned around and walked back down the runway.


The triangular and diamond patterning of this cover referenced the quilting that was incorporated into the collection and the randomized hole pattern was made to look like a twinkling starry night as lit up with LEDs walking down the runway.

Lastly, see an interview with Christian MICHAEL before his runway debut.  Man…he is just such a cool dude and his design aesthetic and craftsmenship of the look he shows is…just….WOW.