This week, we’re excited to be giving y’all a nice double dose of good lookin’ stuff.

Let’s see how great design can change someone’s life.

Get your good on.

Yes you can

Especially when rocking these unique and beautifully-designed leg covers.

Thanks to ALLELES (pronounced “ALL Ls”) — an innovative ?? design company from Victoria (British Columbia) — people living with prosthetic legs can now proudly show the world their true colours.

Not to mention look pretty badass in the process.

Seriously, tho. Check out those legs ?

Doing it right

With the help of great photography and cool videography (not to mention a sweet IG game presenting disabilities in a beautiful and positive way), ALLELES is doing just about everything right.

As the brainchild of two rad Canadians, McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda, this creative house is part design studio, part maker lab, and full amazing.

And with brand ambassadors like MichelleBraydon and Jay below, it’s wonderful to be showcasing the limitlessness of living with a physical disability ?


Not only does ALLELES offer over 50 awesomely designed ready-to-wear leg covers on their online store, they also offer their creative prowess for designing and building custom leg covers to match every need, style and individual taste.

Like this beautiful wedding arm cover, this ugly (not ugly) Christmas cover, and this sweet amputee model duo rocking a custom arm cover at last year’s NYFW.

A quick shoutout to McCauley and Ryan…

A+ for dedicating yourselves to a project that brings greater dignity into the lives of people living with a disability. Your hard work is removing the stigma that most disabled people live with, one cover at a time.

And as fellow Canadians also trying to bring some good to the world, thanks eh 😉