Michelle Salt is such an inspiration to us and to so many people around the world. Obviously we were so stoked that we got to make her a cool ultra-girly cover to match her rhinestone encrusted bikini 🙂

Here is the story of the outcome told by Michelle herself:

“On May 8th, 2011 I did my first fitness competition. I ended up placing top 5 and was planning on competing again in October to go for my pro card. 8 weeks after my show, I hit that guardrail and my life changed forever. When my family arrived to the hospital, they were told I survived my near fatal accident and was lucky to be alive because my heart was so strong from my competition. Today, I walked the stage again. Scars, missing a leg and my head held high. I didn’t place but I did give it my all and couldn’t be happier!! What an awesome experience.”

Man so in love with this force of life!  So great to have found a friend in Michelle throughout this insane journey.


You can follow Michelle’s story on her Athlete Facebook Page.