We did a fun podcast with Scott Belzer from I AM ADAPTIVE a couple weeks ago and discussed the importance of the Adaptive Movement.  We these guys and think the movement they have trailblazed is really the first time we have seen such a positive shift in perceptions surrounding ‘disabilities’.  They are creating a unified community which we are so honored to be a part of…so  needless to say we were thrilled to have the chance to talk to them about all of this good stuff!

You can download the podcast for free from iTunes. Just search I AM ADAPTIVE PODCAST: the ALLELES Design Studio

Or listen to it on Scott Belzer’s page here: http://www.bayareabarbell.com/i-am-adaptive-interview-the-alleles-design-studio/

The craziest part of the podcast we did with Scott was that a couple weeks after the podcast was recorded we went to San Mateo for the Maker Faire which is right next to where he lives!  The timing was so perfect that he actually came to the event and watched Michelle Salt and Nadine Richards strutting it down the MakeFashion runway!


Michelle Salt and Scott Belzer at the Maker Faire in San Mateo


Ryan Palibroda and Nadine Richards at the Maker Faire in San Mateo