It was so cool when we woke up to a video that PopSugar had put together of our studio. The reason this was so groundbreaking for us is that our mission has always been to try to remove the stigma surrounding disability by entering the mainstream. We have purposefully been focused on design and fashion and giving people the choice about which ‘prosthetic cover style’ fits within their lives and goes the best with the most of their clothes. Amputees are so often ‘given’ products with little choice of what their body gets to be, but we wanted to provide a style accessory, much like eyeglasses that allow people to dress up their prosthesis just like they would a pair of pants, shoes, or a skirt. Check out the full article in the Fashion section of PopSugar here:
Or view the video on their Facebook page:
Thank-you PopSugar for helping us break into Pop-Culture….friggin’ cool!