We were asked to go with the MakeFashion team to showcase our version of wearable tech on their runway. It was a crazy experience as we did FOUR runway shows in 2 days! The 10th anniversary of the MakerFaire fell this year on May 15-17th and we were honored to be part of such a cool group of inventors, entrepreneurs, makers, engineers, and artists.

Our models Michelle Salt and Nadine Richards rocked the runway and their energy caused the audience to shout, cheer, whistle, clap and scream every time they came onto the stage. Wearable tech should evoke some sort of emotion and connect to people in a way that is new, exciting, and positive… these powerwomen demonstrated that and then some!

After the shows the girls were bombarded with questions revolving around technology, fashion, prosthetic advancements…but what was the most incredible were all the people who came up afterwards in a big ball of emotions sharing their own experiences about their friends, family and children.

When we started this company the mission was always to use the prosthetic covers as a tool of empowerment…to breakdown barriers and remove the stigma that is so often a very awkward situation for many. Since we are not amputees and don’t wear these cover ourselves, witnessing our orginal vision come to life firsthand was very humbling and still feels like a haze

MakerFaire Founder Dale Doughtery wrote a review of the Faire as it was a huge milestone…the 10 year anniversay.  He mentioned MakeFashion and our Prosthetic Covers in the highlights. Check out the article here

A huge thanks to our muses Michelle and Nadine for bringing this all to life. A huge shout out to MakeFashion for giving us this incredible platform to show the world the promising future surrounding disabilities!

Check out some of the highlights from the San Mateo Maker Faire below!

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