When Dave Bacon contacted us about making him a cover for the SNFU 30th Anniversary of “…And No One Else Wanted to Play” I actually died. SNFU is probably my favorite band on earth and I am so excited that they are touring again (Canada and Australia).

Now that we are located on the West coast we had the privledge of seeing the Vancouver show that kicked off the tour on Wednesday, July 15th!  They tore up the stage just like the dozens of times I saw them in the past 15 years.

Check out their tour schedule and see them live, you will never be disappointed.

Here are some pics we got of the show with Dave Bacon rocking his SNFU prosthetic cover and Mr. Chi Pig killing the stage with his unwavering charisma.

[dvbuilder-gallery id=”3126″]

Check out the article that was written about their Lethbridge performance here.  There is a sweet quote, ‘The bassist Dave Bacon, with an artificial leg with the SNFU fish logo emblazoned on it, shouted at the crowd “Have you had enough yet” mid way through the set,’

It’s not everyday you get to design a prosthetic leg cover for your most favorite punk band…but also the most legendary punk band.  We have the coolest job.

-Ryan Palibroda