We were asked to show our work at Studio C in Calgary for the month of July.  Studio C is a really cool non-profit organization that uses various means of the arts to break down barriers, educate and inspire creating a more accessible Alberta workforce.

We were fortunate enough to be their FIRST exhibition in their new space with our opening night on July 3, 2014.  This was also the FIRST time we exhibited the ALLELES prosthetic covers and were extremely humbled by the enormous turnout.  Over 150 people arrived to join us in the discussion of body image and empowerment.  It felt so natural for us to showcase our work in a gallery setting and really allowed for the pieces to speak for themselves.  We were able to show how powerful design and fashion are in our work in removing the stigma that is so often associated with disability.  Our exhibition was called ‘Digital Rococo’ as our work is based on redefining the human body through the hybrid of technology, design, and extreme ornamentation.

A huge shout out to all of the volunteers and amazing team at Studio C for making this event such a success and giving us an incredible platform to showcase our work!

Another shout out to Justin Leboe from Model Milk for sponsoring all of the canapes for our opening night!  What an amazing crew of people we have surrounding us!

Photos in the gallery are courtesy of Studio C.

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