Our number one mission for our company has always been to break into the mainstream. Being featured in the CHIVE was a huge step in the right direction for us.  We had no idea we were featured until a few of our friends from across the USA and Canada told us about it.  We also didn’t realize how big of a deal it was to a lot of our clients whose images appeared in the piece.  It was this ‘big achievement’ to tell all of their friends about it….because well who wouldn’t be excited to be featured on, ‘the best site on the planet’?

We were categorized under, ‘Awesome, Interesting, and Random’ which also makes us pretty happy because we feel like that just suits us 🙂

To see the full article click the Article Title below:

Young Company Creates Incredibly Crafted Prosthetic Limbs (29 Photos)

“Alleles Design Studio is breaking the barriers on what prosthetic limbs can be. Using ABS plastic, they have created a large selection of designs that are the perfect way to show a little bit of your personality by covering your prosthetic limb. While losing a limb is something that nobody should have to go through, it’s amazing to see the advancements in prosthetics, making people proud to show off their new limbs. To see more of what Alleles has to offer, feel free to check out their website and Instagram.”

Thanks so much for the feature you guys and for getting us one step closer to breaking barriers!