At ALLELES, we deliver medical devices that do more than just fit and function: they matter. Our designs are customized for your body, your story, and your style.

Clinic Partner Benefits

What Our Clients Are Saying

Mike: Prosthetic Tech

“As an amputee for 16 years, and a Prosthetic Technician for 10 years, patients like myself want choice; from suspension, to socket technology, and aesthetics. Now with technology where it is, we have a plethora of options, and this one can be used from one prosthesis to the next, within reason. Alleles offers an array of options from cool and sleek, to eye popping badassness!!! There is truly something for everybody.”

Jane: Prosthetist

“We absolutely love working with Alleles. The level of customer service is exceptional. Every member of the team goes above and beyond for our patients which is what we look for in a supplier. Not to mention how great the covers look! Alleles offers my patients the opportunity to show their individuality
with such a range of designs and colours, and the team are always on hand to ensure we achieve the best finish. We couldn’t ask for a better service.”

Candice: CP(c)

“What I enjoy most about the Alleles team is how easy they are to work with and how knowledgeable they are when it comes to cover design, size, and shape. My favourite thing about the Alleles is that they have created a product that allows amputees to express themselves in a creative, subtle way. I love when a client asks about getting an Alleles cover – there are so many cover designs and colours to choose from and the design improvements continue to ensure they have a quality Canadian-made product.”

Brian: Cover Customer

“I was pretty sure that I would break this cover when I first ordered it. I run a farm and there isn’t a leg, or part that I haven’t broken. However this cover has proven to be just about bulletproof. It’s been kicked by calves, horned by cows, nicked by a chainsaw, and opened more than one bottle of beer. It can’t be broken… and still looks cool.”


“I have truly enjoyed working with Alleles over the years. Their artistry and dedication bring such individualism to all the amputees they work with,
empowering them to show off their unique potential.”

Virginia: CP

“I really liked the cover. I heat modified a couple little parts and it fit perfect. I was worried it would rattle on the leg but it strapped down nice and tight. The patient loves it and his wife is happy that his set screws won’t tear up her furniture anymore. Overall I’m very happy with Alleles and will be using you again.”

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