ALLELES Shipping Guidelines

Here at ALLELES we have always wanted to make our product available to as many customers as possible.
Using UPS as our shipping agent, we regularly ship our covers all over the world from our studio located in Victoria, BC, Canada.

There are a few places we are unable to ship to; you can confirm if we ship to your country before looking into our products by sending us an email at We’ll be happy to give you more specific details. 

ALL Shipping Costs are calculated using the order contents & shipping address you provide when you are building your order. If you want to see the exact cost, begin building an order and enter your shipping information – the shipping fee will automatically appear. This is shown before you have to commit to your order, so you will be able to change your mind if you do not want to proceed.

Please note that all product shipments originate from our studio in Canada, and international shipments may incur customs fees or duties upon arrival. These fees vary depending on your home country. To find out more information please contact your country’s border and customs agency. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.