What is a Prosthetic Leg Cover?

A prosthetic leg cover is a shell that restores the appearance and shape of a leg while offering protection and weatherproofing for normal daily usage of a prosthesis (reference, Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)). 

These custom shaped protective covers are reimbursable under the L5704 (used for below knee prostheses) and L5705 (used for above knee prostheses) billing codes in the USA and are recognized by many other private and public insurance providers worldwide.

Product Benefits

our process

  • Easy measuring process
  • Length + Circumference + Adjustments

Pick your style:

  • Main Color
  • Detail Color
  • Paint Finish
  • Strap Color

All designs options listed in our online catalog

All covers made to order by ALLELES at our Canadian studio.

  • Allow fourteen business days for fabrication

2-10 business days for shipping depending on your location & shipping method

Covers originate from Victoria, BC, Canada

Get excited! Your new cover has arrived! Time to unbox or schedule that fitting

Covers can be modified by spot heating to get that perfect fit. 

Please reach out to us before making any larger modifications! 

(it is recommended to have an experienced prosthetic technician make cover adjustments if necessary)


Prosthetic leg covers have followed a similar trajectory as bike helmets – where early covers included chunky fiber glass and flesh-toned foam with very limited options (a similar aesthetic to those white mushroom cap bike helmets we all remember). True bike helmet adoption only started in the past 10 years once they were treated with a level of design that gave people choice and became exciting to wear.

what makes alleles covers special?

Our covers are manufactured using the highest grade of FDA approved ABS plastic. This material was chosen as it is lightweight, durable and familiar to the prosthetic industry, making it easy to work with. ALLELES has spent the past decade developing a subtractive manufacturing method to ensure products are durable, lightweight, semi-flexible and of the highest quality. Unlike foam, our covers keep their shape over time, are cleanable, and are easy to take on and off.

After years of client feedback from amputees and prosthetists as well as finding solutions for thousands of different prosthetic set-ups, our covers are able to fit most above knee, below knee, through knee, symes, and rotationplasty prostheses. 

With over a decade of applied experience, we have been able to streamline the measuring and ordering process to make getting a highly customized product a breeze. We pride ourselves on the effort spent to create limitless design, finish and color options for our clients so they are able to choose something that represents them. Our biggest focus has been on developing our own in-house design software that allows users to generate 3,300,000 product variations per design for infinite possibilities.

ALLELES prosthetic covers are a beautiful mix of technology, function, digital design, and craftsmanship and we hope you can feel the love and magic in each piece!