ALLELES is a small Canadian design & manufacturing studio located in Victoria, BC.

Our mission has always been to shift the public perception of people living with disabilities. Similar to the eyeglass industry, we believe that design has the power to combine a functional device with a personal statement.

Every single ALLELES cover is created within the walls of our studio, and made to order for each individual client. To maximize durability and functionality, we use subtractive manufacturing rather than 3D printing. 

When our website was first launched online in October 2013 it made prosthetic covers accessible to amputees, prosthetists and clinics worldwide.

As we continue to prioritize disability awareness in mainstream culture, you can find us: On @Instagram, at the Whitehouse (Obama Administration – Washington, DC), Museum of Man (Paris, France), Telus Science Center (Calgary, AB), Museum of Science and Technology (Ottawa), Kent State Museum of Fashion (Kent, Ohio), Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum (New York, NY), The World Economic Forum (Davos, Switzerland), and the Carnegie Museum of Art (Pittsburgh, PA).

meet our team

McCauley Wanner

President / Co-Founder
McCauley co-founded the ALLELES Design Studio 8 years ago in the fall of 2013. Prior to founding ALLELES McCauley graduated with her Masters of Industrial Design from the University of Calgary in 2011.  Her thesis project titled, “Empowering by Revealing: A Study in the Hybridity of Fashion & Prosthetics” was an examination of fashion’s role in self identity and how it could be used to add more soul to medical products.  After exploring various products and talking to users of these devices, she decided to focus on the prosthetic industry and come up with a fashion forward way for amputees to express themselves through their prosthesis.

After graduating, McCauley worked in the fashion industry as a graphic designer as well as a user experience designer for an advertising agency.  During this time, her and Ryan continued to discuss how to turn her research from an art project to a viable option for people.  Growing up with family businesses taught McCauley to be extremely resourceful, pragmatic and possess a sense of responsibility that it was up to them to bring this idea to life.

Ryan Palibroda

Design Director / Co-Founder
Ryan Palibroda co-founded the ALLELES Design Studio 8 years ago in the fall of 2013. Prior to founding ALLELES, Ryan graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with Distinction and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2003. He then exhibited in solo and group exhibitions around Western Canada, and was signed by the Kensington Gallery of Fine Art in Calgary. In 2007 Ryan began his Masters of Architecture at the University of Calgary, and worked as an architect on the design team for the CHUM super hospital in Montreal. 

During the time McCauley was working on her thesis, Ryan was an architecture student in the same faculty and helped provide insight throughout the project.  Upon graduating the two moved to Montreal and they continued to discuss how to turn her research from an art project to a viable option for people.  
With a background in digital fabrication and parametric design, Ryan then decided that his skills were better suited for the scale of product design and decided to join forces with his real life partner McCauley Wanner. 

Chelsea Bryson

Studio Manager
Chelsea graduated UVIC with a Bachelor of Arts, focusing mostly on Greek Art & Architecture. As someone who loves exploring new and interesting things, she’s had varied experience in areas such as serving & bartending, the specialty coffee industry, coding, event organizing, accounting firms, and is even a WBC certified wedding planner. Chelsea has worked for ALLELES for the past three years, and when she’s not helping out at the Studio, she’s probably out walking with her dog Bo.

She also currently holds the top position of the Galaga leaderboard at the studio. 

Mary Rubin

Customer Support Specialist
Mary has her Associates Degree in Arts and Sciences and is a certified Health Care Assistant. She has over ten years of experience working in the fashion industry and is passionate about disability advocacy and creative expression.

Her current obsessions include teaching herself how to quilt, racing Cyclocross, and drinking gin. Mary loves crafting, laughing, and riding her bike down steep, rocky trails.

Al Gill

Paint Manager
Al was an automotive painter for 15 years before turning his part time prosthetic cover painting into a full time job. Born & raised on Vancouver island, he appreciates craft beer, good cooking, and tolerates fishing when he’s not fixing his boat. 

Al can drink coffee at all times of the day, always backs into his parking spot, and has unmatched skills in slight of hand magic tricks. He was also the winner of our studio KD mac & cheese cooking competition. 

Nick E.W. York

Digital Technician
Nick holds Associates degrees in both Audio Engineering and Music Theory from the California State University in Sacramento, and is an avid musician. With notable tangents in both Graphic Design & specialty coffee – he certainly has an eye (and ear) for details. 

When not at work he is usually practicing jazz guitar, cello, or pushing himself slowly up silly hills on a bicycle.