ALLELES™ does NOT issue credits or refunds on any purchases made through This is a custom made product based on user specifications making it impossible to resell products if they were to be returned. Users are encouraged to reach out prior to placing orders if they have questions about sizing, fit, design features, or color options so they know what to expect upon receiving their prosthetic cover. The covers can be modified using a heat-gun and The ALLELES Design Studio Ltd will make available heat molding instructions as required. If you do not feel comfortable doing this on your own, users are encouraged to ask their prosthetist for assistance (keep in mind you may be charged a service fee for their time and expertise).

The ALLELES™ team is always happy to answer questions & give tailored advice about any part of the ordering & modification process. If you have any hesitations or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Golden Giftcards are also nonreturnable & nonrefundable.


All orders get processed through the PayPal gateway either by credit card or PayPal account. All of our prices are listed in USD and your credit card company or PayPal will handle all currency conversions.  Please check your bank statements to see which exchange rate was applied to your purchase (keeping in mind currency rates can fluctuate day to day).

All orders outside of Canada may incur taxes, tariffs, and custom fees upon arrival. These charges are different for every country, users are encouraged to contact their country’s border services for more information on potential customs charges.


The ALLELES™ Design Studio Ltd. will offer a replacement for defective or broken covers up to 3 months from purchase date. Warranty does not include paint or damages from heat molding or client manipulation outside of the intended use. As this is a custom product, The ALLELES™ Design Studio Ltd. will NOT issue any credits or refunds.

After 3 months, covers will be replaced on a prorated scale. The ALLELES™ Design Studio Ltd will, on occasion, honor claims outside of this warranty window for pre-determined issues.

All warranty replacements must be the same design and the same colour as the original order.

The ALLELES Design Studio Ltd will make available heat molding instructions as requested. End users are encouraged to reach out prior to attempting any major adjustments.

Covers ordered with incorrect measurements or without noting necessary adjustments will be replaced at a prorated cost of 50% of the original design plus the cost of shipping. Necessary adjustments are listed on every product page & require extra information to fabricate. If you have concerns or questions about measurements or adjustments please reach out prior to placing your order.

The ALLELES™ Design Studio Ltd. reserves the right to withhold warranty claims at their discretion. All warranty refusals will include a written response outlining the reason.

All approved warranty claims will be processed and shipped within 14 days of approval. End user is responsible for the cost of shipping.