Product Questions

The covers are made out of FDA grade ABS plastic. After much material exploration, ABS has proven to have great properties- it’s durable, lightweight, flexible, easy to clean, and easily modifiable.

The durability of the covers completely corresponds to the patterning of the various designs. Covers with more details tend to be more delicate and detailed, but also very lightweight. Whereas designs with less detail are more durable, but are a bit heavier. Keep in mind that selecting a cover is completely based on your personal expectations for both design style and durability.

The covers attach to the prosthesis with two polyurethane straps with metal hooks. The material is extremely durable and keeps the cover from rotating and sliding on the prosthesis. 

The covers themselves are waterproof – but they do not make your prosthesis waterproof. These covers have an opening in the back, and therefore are not able to keep water out of your prosthesis – but if you are wearing a prosthesis meant for water, you are welcome to wear your cover as well! If you are in salt water, make sure that you rinse your cover of any salt and pat dry after you get out of the water. Salt erodes a lot of different materials and if it is left to dry, it can fade the finish of your cover.

One of the best parts about these covers is they can be further adjusted once you receive them. Using heat, you can adjust your cover as needed to create a tighter fit around the socket. We do have more detailed instructions about how to heat and adjust our covers, but if you have never done so, or have any questions, we highly recommend that you reach out before making any major adjustments. 

Fitting Questions

We have created diagrams for both AK & BK covers so you can see how to take your measurements. Be sure to check out the Above Knee Cover page & the Below Knee Cover page for the most in-depth information about building your order. 

If you are ever concerned about your own measurements, or have a question about fitting your cover that wasn’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we are always happy to help!

All our covers are available in a variety of colour combinations. Most of our covers follow one simple theme. There is the ‘Main Colour’, which is the front and inside colour – it’s the primary colour for the entire cover. Then there’s the ‘Detail Colour’, which is the colour for all the detailing.

There are a few covers that will have a variation on this theme, for example, designs that have more options or specific details being offered in additional colours. Those designs will have the options shown in their drop down menu.

We also have a design visualizer tool you can use to get an idea of what your combinations may look like! 

Yes you can! We have officially launched our interactive design visualizer tool which you can find here

Please note that our Visualizer app is a computer generated image of a physical product. This feature is meant as a visualization tool, and is an approximate representation of your final cover. Some design elements will vary based on individual sizing and adjustments. Colors shown may also vary, and details will be more prominent on physical covers.

Most of our covers fall within one price, but there are some exceptions!

The price of each design is based on complexity and the required time to produce. Typically our more expensive covers have more intricate details and/or offer a more elaborate paint scheme.

You will find our least expensive cover is the SOLO – which is our plain cover that does not feature any design, and comes with one color choice. 

Our Premium covers, which require more time in production, are the LSDeener, Digi Camo, & Nouveau Colorway. Each of these designs are also offered at a lower price point (with a few tweaks to the color options) as the Deener, Digi Solo, and Nouveau. 

It just means we will need a little bit more information to create your cover! We want to make sure that our covers can fit as many different people as possible, and sometimes in order to properly accommodate certain features or mechanics, we just have to make adjustments to make sure you get the best fit possible! Depending on what is applicable for your prosthesis, there is different information required, so be sure to check out our diagrams to find out what you need to include. This is important because a proper fit is the number one way to extend the life span of your ALLELES cover!

Above Knee Adjustments

Below Knee Adjustments

Currently, we require extra measurements for 4-bar/polycentric knees; hydraulic, microprocessor, or blade feet; release buttons, symes sockets, rotationplasty, & revo sockets.

& Policy

We always try to ship your cover out within 14 business days of receiving your order. Shipping can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on the shipping method you choose and where you are located.

Keep in mind that we are located in Victoria BC, Canada, so any shipments to Western North America are much quicker than shipping to the East Coast or abroad.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about the timeline of your order. 

We do! We can ship almost anywhere that our courier, UPS, is currently operating. As you begin the check out, you will see your shipping total is shown after you enter your address, but before you have submitted your order for payment. That way you’ll be fully aware of the shipping costs before committing to your order.

Be aware that international shipments (outside of Canada) do not get charged tax, and therefore your order may incur a customs or duty fee upon delivery. This fee varies by country and is not something we can control. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us before you order, but you may have to reach out to your country’s border services for more information. 

We do offer a prorated warranty policy on our covers, and strive to make sure that everyone who has a cover gets the most out of it.

As situations can vary, please reach out to our team for more details, and be ready with some photos & a description of the issues you are facing with your cover. 

Our website currently accepts payments via credit card (we use PayPal to securely process all of our transactions)

You do not require a PayPal account to purchase our covers, but if you are an existing PayPal user, that is also an option!

To bypass the Paypal login, click the button below that says “pay with debit/credit card” 

Please let us know! If we get the chance to fix the issue, it can help us better serve our customers in the future & ensure that you are happy with your purchase! Our number one priority is that you love your new cover.

Please take some photos of your cover, both on & off your prosthesis, and have a description of the issue you are facing when you contact our team. 

That’s amazing news! We do offer wholesale pricing and would love to help you get set up. 

You can contact us via phone, email, or chat to get the process started!

Keep in mind our team is available 9:00-5:00 Pacific standard time, Monday – Friday. 

Each cover is custom made for each person, including personal sizing, design, and colour choices. Because of this, we do not offer refunds on cover purchases made through our website. 

If you are unhappy with your cover, please reach out and we will happily do all we can to help rectify the issue!

Better yet, feel free to chat with us before your order & we can help ensure proper fitting & make sure you know what to expect with your new ALLELES cover!