chrome procedure & faq

Due to the bespoke nature of the CHROMING process, we are limiting the production of CHROME covers within each month.

When purchasing a cover today, you will be purchasing a production slot for a future date. Your spot in production will only be saved once you have finalized your order.

chrome turnaround time

• Each month, we have 10 CHROME production slots available for purchase.

• As CHROME production is limited, all turnaround times will be based on availability & which month we are currently scheduling.

• We can report which month we are scheduling for, but an order must be placed and payment made in order to hold your place in line. If you wait to order, the original timeline cannot be guaranteed.

• When your CHROME order is confirmed, our team can then confirm which month your production slot has been scheduled for

• Once a new month begins, we close production slots for that month and begin scheduling the next available month. (For example, if you place an order in January, the earliest your cover can be scheduled for production is February)

• Once your cover goes into production, you will receive an email notification. It will then take one month to manufacture your CHROME cover.

• There will be absolutely NO rushes for the CHROME Process. If you would like a CHROME cover for an event, please plan accordingly and reach out to our team as soon as possible so we can advise you on your options.


Unlike typical ALLELES Covers – A CHROME cover CANNOT be manipulated via heat forming or receive any other manual adjustments once it arrives.

• To maintain outcomes & expectations, we highly recommend that you only purchase a CHROME product if you already have an existing ALLELES cover that fits and was ordered anytime after May 2021 (as our sizing changed immensely during this time). This will help us confirm the fit, capture any adjustments, and ensure the client knows what to expect from the product.

• If a new client would still like to purchase a CHROME cover, we will be requiring they purchase a CHROME “bundle” that includes a TEST COVER

• If you are purchasing a TEST COVER, the cover must be ordered, produced, and fit before we can schedule the client’s subsequent CHROME cover.

• TEST COVERS serve to maximize success and satisfaction; can be kept as a secondary cover to wear; and allow us to offer a reasonable warranty policy for our CHROME covers. If you have any questions or concerns about our cover warranty please reach out prior to placing your order.

• If a CHROME cover has been adjusted or modified after it has been received, it will void all warranty

CHROME color logic

We will have 5 CHROME Main Colors available: • SILVER • ONYX • 14K GOLD • ROSE GOLD • COPPER •

If applicable to the design, clients will have the option to add a detail color from any of our existing paint colors.

• We are unable to use more than one CHROME color, nor can a different CHROME color be used as the detail color.

• If a detail color is selected, the color logic will be simplified to the detail lines only. This means designs that
normally have large portions of color will not when produced in CHROME. Please see the example of the OMEGA
design below as a reference.