deMilked: "This Company Is Making Fashionable Leg Prosthetics And They Look Amazing"

“Canadian company Alleles Design is revolutionizing the world of leg prosthetics, changing the lives of those who need them – one fashionable leg cover at a time. The company’s founders McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda noticed that in the world where fashion and image are so important, most leg covers made today are still about one single thing – function, and they set off on a mission to change it.

Since the launch of their company, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. “We’ve been humbled by the accolades. And feel grateful for the awards,” it says on the studio’s website. “But every time we wake up in the morning, we’re thinking about you: writers, risk takers, traditionalists, and creatives. We want our covers to reveal your individuality, and accessorize your outfits.”

“We truly believe that shopping for a prosthetic cover should be fun, fashionable, and affordable. So we totally promise to always bring you hand-made covers, with an inspired style and a beautiful silhouette.” 


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